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Youville Centre

Completing High School

Check list for Graduates:

Have you earned 18 compulsory credits?
Have you earned 12 optional credits?
Have you completed your 40 hours of community involvement- form handed in?
Have you successfully completed the Literacy test or the Literacy course?
Are you attending the university and college seminars being held?
If you are planning to apply to university, have you signed up for six (6) grade 12 University (u) or mixed (m) level courses?
Have you got a financial plan that shows how you can afford university, college or your apprenticeship? This plan should includs your savings account, applying for scholarships and bursaries, applying for OSAP, getting a good job for the summer, etc.
Do you have any supplementary applications, personal profiles, interviews, letters of reference, auditions or other requirements for the programs to which you are applying?
Do you have your Ontario Education Number (OEN) - shown on your report card or credit counselling summary - that you need to apply on-line to OCAS (college application service) or your PIN # to apply on-line to OUAC (university application centre)?
Do you have one central place to keep all important mailings you'll be receiving for college, apprenticeship and university applications?

OSSD Diploma Requirements:

18 Compulsory Credits:

4 Credits in English (1 per grade)
1 Credit in French as a second language
3 Credits in Mathematics (at least 1 credit in Grade 11 or 12)
2 Credits in Science
1 Credit in Canadian History
1 Credit in Arts
1 Credit in Health and Physical Education
.5 Credit in Civics
.5 Credit in Career Studies

Group 1: 1 Additional credit in English, or a third language, or Social Science and the Humanities, or Canadian and World Studies, or Coop.

Group 2: 1 Additional credit in Health and Physical Education, or the Arts, or Business, or Coop.

Group 3: 1 Additional credit in Science (Grade 11 or 12) or Tech Education (Grades 9-12), or Coop.

12 Elective Credits
30 total Credits

Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test or the Literacy Course must be completed
40 Hours of Community Service must be completed

Where to obtain more Credits:

Note: You can obtain additional creditsboth on-line and at various sites around the city as well. However, only an Ontario provincial school board, a school within one of these boards, or a registered Ontario private school can offer Ontario credits.

The Youville Centre Learning Coach Program
The LEAP program of Ontario Works (Learning, Earning and Parenting) through the City of Ottawa have joined together with the Youville Centre and the Salvation Army's Bethany Hope Centre to offer the Learning Coach Program. This program is designed to assist young mothers and fathers who are Ontario Works LEAP participants and who also want to further their high school education. Called "The Learning Coach Program", it concentrates on meeting the educational needs of those individuals who, for a variety of reasons, are unable to attend a regular high school day program but who still want and need help with the course work required to obtain a high school diploma. The Learning Coach Program is administered by the Youville Centre. However, because childcare, as well as other very useful services, is available at the Salvation Army's Bethany Hope Centre, that's where this program is actually delivered to clients, three mornings a week.

Adult High School
300 Rochester Street,
Ottawa, ON
K1R 7N4
Open to all adults aged 18 and over who have been out of school for at least 6 months. Registration is done twice a year during a two-day period in which 500 new students are accepted on a first-come first-serve basis.

Continuing Education
440 Albert Street,
Room E 121,
Ottawa, ON
K1R 5B5
Open to all residents of Ottawa-Carleton. No interview is required for high school students.

Ottawa-Carleton District School Board
133 Greenbank Road,
Ottawa, ON
K2H 6L3

Alternative Education:

Elizabeth Wyn Wood Alternate
20 Rossland Avenue,
Ottawa, ON
K2G 1H6
To register, students are put on a waiting list and then interviewed. A standardized reading comprehension test needs to be written.

Frederick Banting Secondary Alternate
115 Terrence Matthews Crescent,
Ottawa, ON
K2M 2B2
Open to students 16 years of age and older. To register, students are put on a waiting list and then interviewed. A standardized reading comprehension test needs to be written.

Norman Johnston Secondary Alternate
2401 Cleroux Crescent,
Ottawa, ON
K1W 1A1
For students who have completed at least 10 high school credits and have a desire to address the problems that caused them to leave school. Students who have less than 10 credits must complete a reading comprehension test.

Richard Pfaff Alternate Program
160 Percy Street,
Ottawa, ON
K1R 6E5
For students who have completed at least 10 high school credits and have a desire to address the problems that caused them to leave school. Students who have less than 10 credits must complete a reading comprehension test.

First Place Alternate Program
160 Percy Street,
Ottawa, ON
K1R 6E5
For Grade 7, 8, and 9 students who, for various reasons, cannot be successful in a regular program. This program offers life skills, credits, a chance to address problems, and a possibility of reintegration into regular education. Students are referred to this program by their home school.

St. Nicholas Adult High School
893 Admiral Avenue or 20 Graham Avenue
A teacher-assisted program for students 18 years of age and older who are not presently enrolled in a high school program.

Distance Education:

Independent Learning Centre (ILC's - TV Ontario) (Correspondence Courses)
This centre offers on-line and text-based Ontario secondary school credits. The Independent Learning Centre (ILC) is Ontario's leading provider of accredited distance education. ILC courses follow a blended learning model, combining print and online components with support from certified Ontario High School teachers. The ILC offers convenience, flexibility, affordability and confidentiality.

St. Nicholas On-Line
This school is part of the Ottawa-Carleton Catholic School Board. Who can take on-line courses? Any adult in Ontario who needs or wants to take credit courses to finish the requirements of a high school diploma, or obtain prerequisite courses for college or university.

Avon-Maitland Distance Education Centre
The Avon-Maitland District School Board (London area) provides a wide assortment of on-line credits through this site.

Another option is the: Ontario Secondary School Certificate

The Ontario Secondary School Certificate will be granted on request to students who leave school before earning the Ontario Secondary School Diploma, provided that they have earned a minimum of 14 credits distributed as follows:

7 Compulsory Credits
2 credits in English
1 credit in Canadian Geography or Canadian History
1 credit in Mathematics
1 credit in Science
1 credit in Health and Physical Education
1 credit in the Arts of Technological Education
7 elective credits

Please Note: If you are working towards your OSSC, it is NOT necessary for you to complete 40 hours of community service or the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test.

You are eligible for a maximum of three substitutions for compulsory credits.

Earning the OSSC does not prevent you from earning your Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) at a future date.

If you do not qualify to earn either your OSSD or your OSSC, you may request a Certificate of Accomplishment:

The Certificate of Accomplishment is a useful means of recognizing achievement for students who plan to take certain vocational programs or other kinds of training, or who plan to find employment after leaving school.

The Certificate of Accomplishment will be accompanied by the student's Ontario Student Transcript. For those students who have an IEP, a copy of the IEP may be included.

Students who return to school to complete additional credit and non-credit courses (including courses with modified or alternative expectations in special education programs) will have their transcript updated accordingly, but will not be issued a new Certificate of Accomplishment. The Ontario Secondary School Diploma or the Ontario Secondary School Certificate will be granted when a student has fulfilled the appropriate requirements.

If a student is working towards the Certificate of Accomplishment, it is NOT necessary for the student to complete 40 hours of Community Service or the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test.